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Copywriting Testimonials

What you see below are testimonials from just a few of my clients who have allowed me to share their feedback with you.

“His professionalism is top notch, as is his knowledge of online business marketing”

“Before speaking with Dean Dhuli, I was unaware of how to 'properly' market my businesses online presence. After my initial consultation I was pleased to know that I had made the right decision when searching out my options for a consultant.”

“Dean was able to point out many details to me that I had been missing, as well as give me the advice I needed on how to properly leverage my marketing options. His professionalism is top notch, as is his knowledge of online business marketing.”

“I refer him 100% to anyone that is looking to get the most value out of their Internet business.”

Chris Hawkins
Pensacola, FL


“Dean is a master at tapping into your product's story!”

“Choosing a copywriter can be an intimidating and stressful experience. You are basically putting the fate of your product (that you know better than anybody else) into the hands of someone else.”

“You will be relying on your copywriter to basically generate sales for you based on their words and understanding of your product and target market.”

“With this in mind, I cannot more highly recommend the services of Dean Dhuli.”

“Dean makes it his mission to not only write sales producing copy but tap into the mind and desires of your customers to write some of the best copy I have ever read.”

“In fact, I chose Dean to write my copy because after reading some samples he sent me I found myself ready to pull out my credit card and order!”

“I could not be more pleased with my sales letter. Dean was able to write copy that speaks directly to my customers and yet manages to make it sound like the words came directly from me as if he was the creator of my product.”

“Trust me. This is incredibly important. Some copywriters just churn out copy based on basic copywriting fundamentals with little regard to your actual product.”

“Dean understands that each product is unique and has its own story and is a master at tapping into your product's story.”

“Snap him up now because I truly feel he is one of the best kept copywriting secrets on the market today…. but probably for not much longer!”

Jeremy Wilson,


“$52,470 in just 11 days...”

“The sales setter that Dean wrote for me helped me gross $52,470 in just 11 days and has been converting at 6%, almost 10% for some affiliates.”

“I’m for sure going to ask Dean to write future sales letters for me, as they are proven to get Top results.”

“His work also helped me reach ClickBank first page rankings for both of my categories.”

“Briefly, his copywriting services are highly professional, they get Top conversions and the lowest refund rates I ever seen because of the no hype.”

Jacobo Benitez


“...conversion rate around 25%”

Hi Dean,

“Thanks for writing the sales letter that has produced staggering results! I was getting virtually no takers. Now my conversion rate is around 25% - with no signs of slowing down.”

“I can honestly say it was the best investment I have made online. An investment that will pay me over and over again.”

All the best,

Michael Oksa


“...boosted my conversions from around 1% to around 7%!”

“I implemented a few of Dean's suggestions, and boosted my conversions from around 1% to around 7%! Jump on this NOW!”


Vince Runza



“His copy has a great flow...”

“Dean wrote my copy at a very short notice and gave me an AMAZING sales page. His copy has a great flow and it reads very convincingly. I actually found myself trying to click the Order button myself!”

“If you're looking for professional copy that yields results, Dean is the guy to get in touch with.”

Sagar Mehta


“He writes strong sales copy”

"Recently, someone asked me a ‘what if’ question in a marketing forum. "

"They asked, "What if you couldn’t write the sales letter for your own product… who is another copywriter that you would you hire to the copy for your own product? And don’t give us any famous guru-types… tell us who you’d hire that is an active working copywriter."

"I very quickly told them Dean Dhuli. He writes strong sales copy and he meets deadlines consistently. That’s the two biggest complaints I hear about other copywriters and I’ve never heard those complaints about Dean once."

Michael Humphreys