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Dean Dhuli - Copywriting Samples

Please understand that most of the copywriting work I do is Proprietary.

That means...

  • I cannot talk about those projects

  • I cannot brag about those results

  • I cannot display those sales letters as a part of my portfolio

These are just a few that I'm allowed to show you.

Note: These are not swipe files. You don't need to read a complete 25-page sales letter to get an idea of my writing style.

1) A letter for a Panic Attacks relief system

2) A letter selling an Affiliate Marketing Software

3) A webpage selling an Idea-generation resource

4) Sales copy for a Business Financing ebook

5) A sales letter for a Stress-relief Product

If you're interested in looking at samples from the financial niche,
please contact me directly at the below email address

Get In Touch With Me Now At

HighPowerCopy AT Gmail DOT Com