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“Small Copy Changes That Boost Conversion”

-- By Dean Dhuli,

Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Inside this report you'll discover:

  • Double urgency and how to create it.

  • A simple approach that can pump up your headlines.

  • A highly neglected component of your webpage that deserves proper attention.

  • How to tune the reader's mind to buy your product.

  • How to sell software easily, with little resistance.

  • An important component that makes people to wanna buy from you.

  • ...and so much more!


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Here's what some people what to say about this report:


"...it gave me more sales"

This report is right on the mark when it comes to improving conversion and getting more sales from your website, I read it and was amazed how small & simple little elements that are explained in this report can actually make the customer trust my business more and in the end it gave me more sales.

Customers still do not trust internet shopping that much and if you can make it easier on them by implementing what Dean teaches then you will not only gain their trust but also gain more sales!

Magic Mel


"That's exactly what website owners are looking for..."

Mate you've put a great little report together. Anyone can take even just one or two of your small copy changes -- split test them on their own site -- and see an increase in response in a few minutes.

That's exactly what website owners are looking for -- quick, easy changes that produce results.

Kyle Tully
Direct Response Copywriter


"I took out one of my sales letters and went through the tips and used it like a checklist"

The explanation of good testimonial was one of the clearest I've seen. The little idea about headlines is very useful.

The tip about opt-in forms is brilliant. A sales letter should only do one thing, but the same time, you want to capture everyone's information so you can do follow up.

I took out one of my sales letters and went through the tips and used it like a checklist. This is a great way to make sure you're covering critical elements in your copy.

The ebook shows you have strong copywriting & marketing expertise.

Keith Goodrum


"I feel like everyone in the world should have this report"

If you are trying to learn how to produce some awesome, kick butt sales copy that will produce results, this report is what will help you achieve this goal.

When I read it, I was amazed at how well everything was broken down making the process easy to understand. I feel like everyone in the world should have this report. It can help anyone -- newbies and veterans alike.

-- Reina



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