How to create "double urgency"

You probably know the 3 techniques that make increase urgency.
They are:

Limiting the offer – Release limited copies of the product.
Limiting the price – Increase price after the first few sales
Limiting the time – Limit the time for which the product will be sold

While these methods definitely work, here’s what you can do to make them
even more effective.

When You Ask Your Readers To Buy Your Product
Also Remind Them What They Will Lose By Not Buying NOW.

For instance, pick out your prospects’ biggest desire.

After you’ve presented the limited offer to your prospect, just say something
like: “You want to (biggest desire) , don’t you?”

Or you can list all possible negatives outcomes of not getting your product saying – “Here’s what you lose by not getting this product immediately:”

And follow these up with
– “Here’s your chance to put an end everything you’ve been going through:”, or something like that.

Just quickly give them a picture of how their life will change for the better
after getting your product.

This technique will get you a greater response than just simply stating your
limited offer and telling them to buy.

You’re now creating double urgency rather than single urgency…and hence
urging the reader to act quickly.

You are evoking the hidden fears that the prospect may have – like the fear
of loss, the fear of falling behind, the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown,
and so on and so forth.



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