Something to note about using testimonials

You should be careful about having testimonials too close to the headline.

People don’t browse the Internet to buy products. They come looking for
information. They come searching for solutions to their problems.

Using a testimonial too early in your copy reveals the fact that you’re
trying to sell them a product, which puts them off instantly.

Instead, try projecting your product as a solution to their problems…and use
testimonials to eliminate any doubts they may have about your product. This method works best for non-IM niches.

At the same time, testimonials can work if placed at the very top when
you’re selling a product that teaches people how to make money – either
online or offline.

In this case, you need to convince the reader quickly that your product isn’t
hype…an d so a testimonial at the very top proves that your product
effectively does what it promises to do.

There are actually two lines of thought about doing this. So make sure you test different positions to see which works best.



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