How to make your testimonials more effective

As you may know already, testimonials are extremely important to add
credibility to your offer or product.

That said, most testimonials we see today are short and generic…and do not
mention anything unique about the product or service.

For instance, we find numerous testimonials like “It’s a great product! I liked
it very much.” Quite frankly, testimonials like these do not mean anything to your prospect.

For your testimonials to be effective…They must either talk about a unique feature of your product, or describe how your product helped solve a particular problem that your client had.

So the next time you get a testimonial, make sure it does at least one of the
things stated above.

And after you’ve done that, make them even more effective using the tips
given below:
a) Take out a piece of text that looks good from your testimonial, and use
it as a title to your testimonial. This helps to grab the attention of the
b) Bold/Italicize catchy text within the testimonial.
c) Use pictures of your former clients/buyers along with their
d) Testimonials can either be spread out evenly within the copy…or all
inserted in one place.
e) Use Johnson Boxes and Sidebars to list your testimonials. These
elements get noticed quickly, and so you’ll have a better chance of
getting the good testimonials read. They build credibility to your offer.



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