How to increase the perceived value of your offer

List your best offer at the very top, and follow it up with the other offers which are of lower price and lower quality in a decreasing order.

Prove to the reader how your highest price package offers more value than the other low priced ones. Show them what they lose by NOT getting the best package available.

Psychology tells us that people always want the best value, no matter what the cost. They are always willing to pay extra money to experience the feeling of having acquired the best.

So the chance your reader will purchase the highest priced package is very high.

The secret to the success of this method is you must totally convince your prospect that it’s plain-foolish to purchase a package other than the one that’s giving him the best value.

You can also add a number of terrific bonuses to the higher priced offer to spruce up its value…so it stare downs at your buyer and eventually makes him give in.

Great Value At A Slightly Higher Price Is Something Most Buyers Wouldn’t Say “No” To

Here are different types of bonuses that boost the value of your product:

1) Demonstration of how to use the product profitably by means of audio and video.
2) FREE or cut-rate installation for software and scripts.
3) Related FREE reports, ebooks or software
4) Phone consultation with the buyer
5) FAQs and Quickstart guides for your software/report
6) Checklists to keep track of their progress
7) FREE updates to software or reports/ebooks




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