Add human touch to your guarantees

We all know ‘Guarantees’ are essential to erase doubt and incite the prospect
to act. But, you shouldn't have a guarantee just because it's customary to have one.

You should make absolutely sure your guarantee jumps out at the reader, and makes a strong impact on his mind.

And here's how you can do it:

One way to do that is to place it within a Johnson Box. Johnson Boxes make
the guarantee clearly visible.

You can also use appealing graphics to generate an emotional response from
the prospect. Graphic images like the one used below have been proved to
increase trust and hence conversions too.

Better yet, you can use the Johnson Box and graphics together to use the
combined benefit of the two to improve your sales.

Apart from these, another new method has been rapidly growing in
popularity these days. Not many websites are using this method right now…
and so it’s still very much NEW!

And that is – The use of handwritten guarantee notes.

Hand-Written notes are extremely effective in building up trust in the mind of
the reader.



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