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Have you ever wondered...
  • Why potential customers are walking PAST your door instead of walking THROUGH it?

  • Why your website visitors are leaving without buying?

  • Why people are happy buying cheap, low-quality stuff from your competitors instead of the superior products you offer?

The answer is simple, but it may shock you nevertheless...

“The Biggest Secret to Making More Sales Used By Multi-Million Dollar Companies

Can Now Help You Rev Up Your Profits Too!”


Dear Business Owner,


f you’re shocked by the rapid growth of competition on the Internet… and are having sleepless nights wondering what you need to do to get ahead and stay ahead of them, then this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Here's why...

I'm now going to reveal an exceedingly simple way to make your internet business more profitable.

And the thing is... you'll not have to spend a penny more on advertising than you already do!

Hi. My name is Dean Dhuli... and I'm a Direct-response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant.

Since 2007, I've been helping my clients convince their prospects to...    

1.      buy right away...

2.      buy more...

3.      buy more often...

...and if we happen to work together, I can do the same for you also.

I Know Exactly What

You're Going Through

If you're like any of my previous clients, then your product isn't selling like you expected. And you want to fix that problem right away.

Well, the problem simply is – your marketing isn't working!

At least not as well as it should. And as a result, either too few orders or none at all.

I don't need to tell you how terrible it feels when the business you so passionately created doesn't perform to its full potential.

The goal you're trying to reach seems to be moving farther away from you despite you working desperately hard to reach it.

But Luckily, There's A Solution...

This is the long kept secret that normal people like you have been using day in and day out to convert more prospects into buyers, and more buyers into repeat buyers, on a consistent basis.

When you put it to work for you, silent telephones and empty email inboxes will become a thing of the past.

People will start seeing you as a friend who is trying to help... rather than as a sales person who is looking to pitch them something they don't want.

And they will buy fast, because they'll be scared they might miss out.

All this won't just be a dream anymore. I'm going to show you how to make it real.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, who your market is, whether you’re tech savvy or not, the level of education you possess, or the state of the economy.

Virtually anybody can use this secret, period.

With this you can...

  • Grab the attention of qualified prospects instantly and make them read your message eagerly...

  • Make window-shoppers pull out their wallets and undergo smooth and easy transformation into paying clients...

  • Convert clients into repeat clients, make them buy from you more often and spend bigger amounts every single time...

  • Work once and make money from your efforts over and over again...

  • Enjoy the free time you get with your family and friends, doing what you love most

So what exactly is it?

Well, here goes...

The Key To Your Success Lies In...

You may have heard of the Advertising man called Obvious Adams.

Now the guy's real name was Oliver Adams.

But the name "Obvious" stuck because his ads merely stated that obvious, yet they made an awful lot of money for his clients.

Now if you want your business to succeed, you'll also have to do the same.

Your prospect is a busy person. Time is something he just doesn’t have.

He's got numerous things on his mind like checking emails, meeting with friends, reading the news, buying groceries, and so on.

In addition, he also has to deal with the constantly ringing phone, kids playing in the background, wife calling, sound from the television and numerous other distractions.

So if you want your product to get noticed... and bought, you must QUICKLY and CLEARLY tell him what makes you different... what makes your product special... and what makes you better than the other guy.

You have to give him a clear picture of how your product can improve and transform his life.

And this can only be accomplished using direct-response copy packed with words and sentences that evoke the readers' dominant emotions and convince them to buy.

In other words...

You need a carefully-crafted, precisely-worded copy to get the results you're looking for...

And That's Where

I Come In

Some people write copy as a way to make extra income or just for the fun of it.

I do this on a full time basis.

I stumbled onto copywriting accidentally one day when a friend of mine once asked me to write a promotional piece for his product.

At that time, I had no idea what copywriting was.

But I still managed to draft an effective promotional piece for him and he was thrilled.

It was only then that I realized I had a knack for copywriting. And I understood immediately this is what I'm supposed to do.

3 reasons why my copy really works...

a) I totally love writing copy.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to convert words into sales for my clients.

The idea of persuading people to take action through intelligent manipulation of words gets me really excited.

b) I’m a constant learner.

And unlike other "experts", I'm proud to call myself that.

Since the time I decided to be a copywriter, I've invested a fortune to find out, learn and master the secrets of marketing greats who have made millions of dollars for their clients.

I've spent years honing my skills and knowledge in copywriting, sales and marketing.

And now all that knowledge is yours to benefit from.

c) I’m a perfectionist. I give my 100% to every project I take up, and I look to do everything in the best way possible.

Sure, I've made my share of mistakes since starting out. But I believe making these mistakes is the reason why I know so much about copywriting and marketing today.

And of course... I've already produced results and made money for numerous clients.

I will look to do the same for you too because I want you to consider me as your 'go to' copywriter just like my other clients do.

By working closely with you, I will find out what you do and what makes you special.

Maybe your product has some hidden benefits that even you aren't aware of. I help you identify all of those.

In brief, I provide you with...

Honest Copy That Makes

Even More Sales!

Advertising is not about knocking down readers with aggressive sales pitch and beating them into submission.

Research into Human Psychology has shown that people respond better to persuasion than to threats or intimidation.

So your prospects are more likely to buy if your copy is gentle, informative and persuasive. 

That is how I write all my copy. 

I don't use lofty slang, my copy isn't hypey, I don't bash readers using the hard-sell approach, I don't lie or twist the facts in the copy, and I don't do anything that's unethical. 

I simply educate & inform the prospects about your product and how it can change their life for the better, and people buy. 

Believe me, that is all you need to do... if you're targeting the right prospect. 

And What Does Doing This Mean

For Your Bottom Line?

Imagine you could make just one extra sale for every 100 visitors you drive to your website.

No matter what the price of your product is – $47, $97, or $147 – just one extra sale means increase in profit and bigger rewards for your efforts.

Now calculate the same for all the visitors you get from PPC, article marketing, joint ventures, forum posting or any other marketing technique you may be using. That's a lot of extra money, right?

Do you see how better sales copy could double or triple your profits INSTANTLY?

Plus, it's not like you have to change your sales copy every month or even every year.

In most cases, one good sales letter is all you need. The Wall Street Journal promotion letter written by the late copywriter Martin Conroy was used for 28 years... making it the longest running control in history.

There's no reason why your business shouldn't have a high-converting, rapidly profitable letter like that.

The Final Decision Is Yours Though...

As a business owner, you may feel that since nobody knows your product better than you, it’s best to write your marketing promotions yourself – I understand.

But you don't open up your water heater when it stops working, do you? You call in the expert to take care of the problem.

The same thing goes for your copy also.

A lot of hard work is needed before your writing can make people pull out their wallets. I know because I've been there.

I struggled a lot to produce copy that converts, and now I've conquered that demon and won But you don't need to go through all that!

It's your career and business on the line. So it's best you get your marketing written by me.

I know from experience that...

A few simple changes to your website or direct mail

can double your profits instantly!

In fact, I've been using the same techniques in the promotions that I write for my clients and the results have been fantastic.

Some of these include:

  • 29 different human emotions that make a person buy. Choose the right emotions to hit your reader with, and you've most certainly closed the sale

  • 3 golden rules of positioning that make sure your product stands out from the crowd...and make the reader feel that your product is a must-have

  • A 10-point checklist that makes sure your marketing is on the right track. Essential for every business owner looking to get more bang for the buck

  • A 2-word phrase you should never use in your copy. Using this word makes it appear like you're desperate for a sale and kills credibility instantly

  • The only way to promote a flawed product... and boost your reputation and sales while doing so

  • ...and many more!

And these are only a few of the many variations I use to increase your profits. 

When you get me to write your copy, you’ll be amazed how many conversion-boosting tricks and techniques your website had been missing all along.

And furthermore, I just don't hand you a sales letter and forget about you.

I like to work long-term with all my clients, helping them improving all the other aspects of their business as well.

So if you hire me, you can be confident that I will be with you for the long haul.

Picture This...

A few months down the line, customers are beating their paths to your door and your cash registers are ringing. You’re getting new business automatically with little or no effort, and people everywhere are talking about you.

The bigger house, the luxury car, a vacation to the destination of your choice...all of things you once craved for are yours now.

It’s literally like a dream come true!

And yes, all this could happen for you, too.

But for that, you have to contact me first.

Time Is Money!

While you fritter away time testing bad promotional pieces – or trying to write them on your own – you're losing out on numerous sales.

I bet it’d be a lot more profitable for you to work on building your business instead of trying to meticulously craft 6, 12 or 24 pages of promotional materials. 

And 7 seconds is all you have to grab your click-happy prospects’ attention and make them eager to find out more.

If you haven't pulled them in by then, they're gone forever. Another sale lost!

It’s YOUR bank balance on the line. So failure is not an option.

Professional copywriters like me keep ourselves up to date with the latest changes in the industry. And by chance, if it doesn’t perform as well as expected, we're able to spot the problem and fix it swiftly preventing further damage. 

That's why you’d rather have ME write your marketing instead of 'trying' to write it yourself.

So don't delay more!

Contact Me NOW

To Reserve Your Slot

I only take up projects that I feel have a high likelihood of success... and I only accept 2 projects every month.

After all, I'm the only one writing all the copy. I never "farm out" my work like some copywriters do.

So if you delay now, you could find that I'm not available for many months into the future and you have to wait until a slot becomes vacant in my schedule.

Contact me right now while this is still fresh on your mind.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

If you really put the copy to use and find that it doesn't work, contact me within 30 days after receiving it... and I will rewrite it for you at no extra cost.

But quite frankly, I don't see that happening.

Not a single client has asked for a rewrite so far — you won't either.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

You've Got Nothing to Lose...

This is a no-strings-attached consultation.

Look... right now, you don't know if I'm the right guy for your project, and neither do I. The only way we can find that out is if you contact me.

I always tell things the way they are.

So if I feel your project hasn't got the potential to be utterly profitable... OR if it isn't the type of project I prefer to work on... I'll tell you right up and we can part ways as friends.

However, if I do decide to work on your project, I will slot you into the closest available opening in my schedule... and then the fun begins!

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with me right away at:


HighPowerCopy AT gmail DOT com

If you're using bad copy in your business, you're most likely losing money... even if you're making a profit!

So don't delay. Contact me right away.

If you want to see testimonials from some of my previous clients, please click here.


Best Regards,

P.S. I accept only 2 projects per month. And I reserve the right to refuse any project I'm uncomfortable with.

P.P.S. If you'd like to download my FREE Copywriting ebook “Small Copy Changes That Boost Conversion”, go here.


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